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Top 3 HACKS to save your soap

We have all been there. Ready for a shower only to find a pile of mush in the soap dish. Keeping your soap ready for the next go-round is as easy as, well, washing your hands.

1: Keep the soap dry when not in use.

Water and soap do not mix. Well, they do, but when mixed they produce a rich lather to help get you clean. Soap sitting . in water will soften and turn to mush over time. Keep you soap dry by using a soap dish that will not retain water.

2: Use a loofah or a washcloth

Your hands are not designed to produce and retain lather.  It’s just the way it is.  So then, why do we keep trying to use them, over and over, to no avail?Using a washcloth or a loofah, you  get  it soapy once with a couple good rubs of the bar, and then you are ready to lather up.  The washcloth or loofah will retain the lather so you can get clean, plus the loofah or washcloth with offer some exfoliation.

3: Use a Soap Saver bag

These nifty bags hold your soap, offer exfoliation, and saves your soap from the mushy mess of sitting in a wet soap tray. Simply inset your favorite bar of soap, use, and hand on the shower head when done. Keeping this bag hung up will allow it to completely dry, saving your soap.


Following these simple tricks to save your soap will save you time and money.

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