Giving Back

We know, first hand, the hardships of living with MS. Suzanne was diagnosed in 2011. It has taken it’s toll on her body, mind, and health. However, Suzanne will not give in to the hardships she faces everyday. By making home-made soaps and other products, she has created a way to work on her time, at her leisure. This gives her ample time to rest and refresh. Knowing the burdens that people with MS experience, we have decided to give 10% of all profits, on a monthly basis, to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society: one of the leading researchers for ending MS.

According to the National Health Council Standards of Excellence, The National MS Society meets the highest standards of accountability, ethical practice, organizational effectiveness, and good public stewardship.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society imagines a world free from MS. They work to mobilize the community for greater progress and impact. Their site has a wealth of knowledge, including information about the disease and treatments. It also highlights resources and support as well as lifestyle tips.





DatePlaceTotal SalesAmount
11/1/201818National MS Society$48.00$5.00
12/1/2018National MS Society$111.50$12.00
1/1/2019National MS Society$171.55$17.00
2/1/2019National MS Society$193.00$19.00
3/1/2019National MS Society$300.00$30.00
4/1/2019National MS Society$158.69$16.00
5/1/2019National MS Society$78.00$10.00
6/1/2019National MS Society$189.00$18.00
7/1/2019National MS Society$218.00$22.00
8/1/2019National MS Society$226.00$22.00
9/1/2019National MS Society$125.00$13.00
10/1/2019National MS Society$336.00$33.00
10/1/2019Crisis 22$336.00$17.00
11/1/2019National MS Society
11/1/2019Crisis 22
12/1/2019National MS Society
12/1/2019Crisis 22