Custom Tag on MailChimp

Log into MailChimp

Click Audience tab

Under Manage Audience, click Signup Form

Select Embed Form

To add a new field, click on the form builder link

Under the Add Field area, select Text

The Field Label will be the name of your field. I called mine MyTab

The Field Tag should be named exactly as the Field Label. Note: The Field Tag will always be UPPER CASE.

Field Visibility should be set to Hidden



Click Signup Forms from the top bar again and select Embedded Forms.


You will see the code you need to copy and paste into a webpage.

Once the code has been pasted, search for the EMAIL line in the code:

It will look like this:

<input id=”mce-EMAIL” class=”required email” name=”EMAIL” type=”email” value=”” />

Once you find that piece of code, add the following line underneath it:

<input id=”mce-MYTAG” name=”MYTAG” type=”hidden” value=”What you want your tag to say” />

MYTAG is the new field name and field tag you chose from above.

value=”what you want your tag to say” is whatever you want for the form you need. Just make certain the ” ” are there.

For instance, if we are doing a local show, I may want to tag my form as Local:

<input id=”mce-MYTAG” name=”MYTAG” type=”hidden” value=”Local” />

If I were to put this form on Ebay, I may tag it as such:

<input id=”mce-MYTAG” name=”MYTAG” type=”hidden” value=”Ebay” />


ALWAYS test your code by filling out the form and checking MailChimp to verify the desired outcome.