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Bellas Bath Garden LLC

We have been busy at Bellas Bath Garden. We are now a legal entity, Bellas Bath Garden LLC, and we are insured for your protection.
While many homemade, handmade products are created and sold under a person’s name, we wanted to make sure you are protected and we want you to trust us for all future needs. If anyone has bought business insurance or has incorporated an LLC, you know these expenses were not cheap. We are investing in ourselves to invest in you.

Why did we incorporate?

We incorporated so we could become a legal organization, we pay taxes and contribute to the welfare of all involved. While we could have continued selling under our own name, we wanted to make sure that we were putting our customers first. Buying from a business vs buying from a person feels the same to the consumer, but allows us, as a registered entity, to play a vital role in our economy by paying taxes and reporting revenue.

Why did we add insurance?

This was a logical decision. Having insurance protects our customers as well as protects us. Having insurance also allows us to sell our products at many of the larger markets and venues around us. We want you to be confident when you purchase from us.


While these expenses may seem unnecessary to many vendors and home businesses, we cannot stress enough how this move was to protect our customers, contribute to our economy, and move forward to bigger things.

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