About Us

After Suzanne was diagnosed with MS, it was pretty much life as usual: work, shopping, an occasional night out. We changed some of the ways we did things, such as keeping up with meds, better diet, etc. We continued that, for a few years and still to this day. Now, Suzanne is unable to work a full-time job. Her memory, some daily tasks, they are getting harder for her to maintain. She has tried some other work-from-home ideas before, but truth be told, these we mainly setup for someone in good health and stamina. Making soap is something she does on her time, at her own pace.
Setting up a soap making company seemed like a natural thing to do. It allows Suzanne the freedom to be herself and allows for her to contribute to her household.

We were very pleased with the first runs of soap that we made. We gave these to family and friends in exchange for honest feedback. We listened! Our soap making process is getting better all the time. We do our best to use all natural and, if we can get them, organic ingredients in our process. We are now experimenting with natural exfoliates to offer even better products.

Stay tuned for some great things to come!